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Mrs. Shimanti Bose (President)

Mobile No: +91 9830202917


Mrs. Indrani Ghosh

Mobile No: +91 9831027458





Vocational Education:

We offer various vocational courses for girls / woman & boys so that they can become economically independent. These courses include tailoring, computer, beauticianís course and spoken English class. On completion of each course certificates are given .

Computer Programme: In this Programme we teach Windows, MS Office 2007, Internet, HTML and photoshop etc. to young adults. Course duration varies from 6 to 8 months. This programme is conducted in 2 centres in Kolkata and also in the 2 rural centres. There are 100 boys and girls attending classes.




Tailoring Programme: In this Programme we teach cutting, sewing, embroidery to girls and young women. Course duration is 6 to 8 months. In this programme we have 60 student in our 2 centres.

At our vocational center, each year over 100 young girls and women are taught tailoring embroidery, fabric painting, beauty treatment, the crafting of soft toys and bags in paper and cloth . We also offer them optional courses in spoken English and computers. Thereafter, we provide counseling and support, to help them attain economic independence.



Beautician's Programme: In this course they are taught manicure, pedicure, eyebrow, facial, hair styling and bridal make up. We have 45 students in 2 centers mostly young girls and married woman.






Remedial Education:

Education imparted in most government & corporation schools are inadequate & unfulfilling. We try to provide the children remedial classes whereby through activity oriented syllabus we make education enjoyable. Large number of students are now included under this project. At present we have 130 students coming to Anandan for education.



Open School:

Many young girls and boys due to financial pressure are often forced to drop out from schools. We give them an opportunity to complete their class 10 exams through the open school system.

Community awareness programmes & counseling:

We regularly have community awareness programmes where we provide a common platform for children, parents, teachers & volunteers to interact with one another. Parents are regularly counseled against early marriage and school drop outs. We stay in close touch with the community and invite parents to our annual events ( Sports and Foundation Day).

Health Camps:

At least 2 health camps are organized every year. We have organized eye and dental check up and general health camps.

Nutrition & refreshment:

Within our limited budget everyday children are given nutritious food like bread , jam, boiled eggs, fruits & health drink.

Extracurricular activities:

We provide a sound platform for students to develop their creative talents by introducing various extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, recitation, drama classes, handicraft, quiz classes. Every year we put up an Annual Function where children perform. Parents, teachers, volunteers & guests are invited.

Physical Education:

Though space is a constraint we have regular Yoga, Karate, physical education classes . Every year Sports Day is celebrated .



RURAL CENTRE: A rural centre for Computer Training and Sewing has been started in Santiniketan under two teachers and has received a good response.

TRIBAL CENTRE: Anandan in association with an NGO has set up a Computer and Tailoring centre for tribal children in Huchukpara near Mallarpur in Birbhum District. It is a remote area with limited opportunities. Children, all first generation learners come here from 5 adjoining villages attend classes in general education, spoken English, dancing, singing.


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